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Notice of Reconvened Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting – 5/24/21 at 6 PM

The Evergreen Annual Meeting of March 18, 2021, will be reconvened on Monday, May 24, 2021. The counting of the proxies for the 80/20 proposed amendment change will be tabulated and announced to the membership.
The meeting will be conducted via conference call and will be called to order at 6:00 PM. To attend the meeting, dial 1-602-580-9798.  When prompted, the passcode is 1480034#.

The May Board of Directors Meeting will be held immediately following the conclusion of the reconvened Annual Meeting.  To view a copy of the agenda, please click HERE.

Children Driving Golf Carts in Evergreen

The Evergreen POA Board of Directors has had a number of recent complaints about young children driving golf carts in the community without adult supervision.  Some of the driving behaviors noted have been reckless and dangerous to both the occupants of the golf cart and to residents.  Yesterday, an accident involving an underage driver was reported to a Board member, who contacted the parents of the driver.  Thankfully, none of the children involved was injured.


Incidents of young children driving golf carts have been observed on both the community roads and on private property (swales between the homes).  No golf carts, regardless of the age of the driver, should be driving on other residents’ private property at any time.  Please click HERE to view the community Rules and Regulations and take note of #10 under Use Restrictions, which states that drivers of golf carts within the Evergreen community must be 16 years of age.


The Board requests parents who own golf carts to have a discussion with their children to ensure they are aware that 16 is the minimum age to operate a golf cart in Evergreen. Children need to understand that a tragic accident could happen as a result of the behaviors that have been recently observed.  Please stay vigilant and keep our community safe for everyone.


Thank you.

Evergreen POA Board of Directors Meeting – April 19, 2021


April’s Board of Directors meeting will be held via a Zoom conference call at 6:00 PM on Monday, April 19, 2021, and all owners are invited to attend.  The call details are listed below.  Should you need help joining the meeting, please click HERE.

Zoom Meeting Details:

Click HERE to join the meeting via the internet.

To join via phone, dial (301) 715-8592, and use Meeting ID: 812 1992 7969 and Passcode: 765056


After Hours Use of the Golf Course

The Crane Watch Club has informed the POA Board of Directors that there are people who are playing baseball, throwing Frisbees, golfing, and walking their dogs on the golf course after hours.  Please note that the golf course is private property and any unauthorized use of the grounds is trespassing.  The Board asks that all residents respect the CWC’s request for people to stay off the golf course after hours.

The management at Crane Watch has been asked to please utilize the Martin County Sheriff’s non-emergency line to report trespassers on their private property.

IMPORTANT – 2021 Annual Meeting Proxies


By now you should have two proxies to complete for the 2021 annual meeting. One proxy is for the vote to approve the 2021-2022 budget and the election of three Directors.  Please note that the 2021 annual meeting will be VIRTUAL ONLY via teleconference, so you must submit your proxies prior to the meeting.

The second proxy you should have received is the Limited Proxy vote for the proposed 80/20 change. You may have received an 80/20 proxy marked “Draft” and you may use that, or the proxy form that was delivered with the Community Directory.  You can also print the 80/20 proxy by clicking here and then selecting “print” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Please remember to complete your proxies and drop them off at the security gate before March 18. Thank you very much!