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Evergreen POA Board of Directors Meeting – 6:00 PM on October 27, 2022

The Evergreen POA Board of Directors will be meeting on Thursday, October 27, 2022, at 6:00 PM via a Zoom conference, and all owners are invited to attend.

To join the Zoom conference, click HERE and use the following:  Meeting ID: 857 5677 2016; Passcode: 046660.  To dial into the conference call 1-929-205-6099.

Please click HERE for the meeting agenda.

Subject: IMPORTANT – Martin County Restrictions for Water Conservation

The Martin County Board of County Commissioners passed a new landscape watering ordinance implementing the South Florida Water Management District’s (SFWMD) mandatory year-round Landscape Irrigation Conservation measures. The ordinance was effective June 12, 2022, and applies to both well water and city water irrigation.

Please visit Martin County’s website at for days of the week and times that irrigation is permitted.

Evergreen POA Board of Directors Meeting – 6:00 PM on June 23, 2022

The Evergreen POA Board of Directors will be meeting on Thursday, June 23, 2022, at 6:00 PM at the Cummings Library in Palm City, and all owners are invited to attend.  Please click HERE to view the agenda.

We are considering a change in our security vendor, and have requested and received four proposals from security companies.  Two of these companies have been selected by the Board to present their proposals and answer questions at the meeting.  Your attendance is encouraged, as the Board would like feedback on the proposals from owners.

We look forward to seeing you!

Re-convened 2022 Evergreen Owners Annual Meeting Summary and Board of Directors Election

On April 28, 2022, at 6 PM, the re-convened Evergreen Property Owners Annual Meeting was called to order.  David Regan gave the President’s Report, which covered the following topics:

  1. Water update – Although funding was approved for the Evergreen/Windstone water project in late 2021, Martin County elected to apply these funds to several other projects that were near completion, but in need of additional funds. The new planning date for the completion of the Evergreen/Windstone water project is 1H 2023.
  2. Golf cart accident – There was a tragic golf cart accident at the Floridian this week that resulted in a 34-year-old man being killed after the cart hit a raised manhole cover. The person who was killed was hanging onto the back of the cart and not seated.  Please – all golf cart owners within Evergreen ensure that your carts are being operated by someone at least 16 years old (now part of the Evergreen Covenants) and that all persons remain properly seated while the cart is being driven.
  3. Murphy Road bridge update – Completion is expected in late August – mid-September 2022.
  4. Debris at old tennis court (golf club) – Still no progress getting this cleaned up, despite promises from the Crane Watch Club to begin the effort. Members of the new Board will schedule a meeting with the Club soon, and this concern will be an agenda item.
  5. Dogs – There have been several recent reports of unleashed dogs chasing and being aggressive to bike riders and walkers on the road. Please ensure that your dogs are LEASHED when they’re in your yard with you.  Even if you’re right there with your dog, it’s just normal canine behavior to run after people or other animals and a bad situation can quickly develop.  Our bike riders and walkers deserve to feel safe when they’re enjoying our neighborhood.
  6. Speeding – The speed limit in Evergreen is 25 MPH. There have been reports of vehicles traveling much faster, and speeding is dangerous to bike riders and walkers.  School will be out soon and activity on our roads will increase during the summer months.  Please keep your speed down, be courteous, and safely share the roads.
  7. Directory Consent Forms – If you haven’t completed your form yet, please complete it and drop it off at the guardhouse. Alternatively, you can email with your completed form.

The ballots for a seat on the Evergreen Property Owners Association Board of Directors were opened and tallied, and the results of the election were announced:  Mr. Bruce Neumann was elected.  The Board thanks Mr. Bill Cofrances for his candidacy and interest in serving our community.

Following the conclusion of the re-convened annual meeting, the Board held an organizational meeting to elect officers.  The new Evergreen Property Owners Association Board of Directors is as follows:

      • Debi Hoefer, President
      • John Nelson, Vice President
      • Dawn Owen, Treasurer
      • Bruce Neumann, Secretary
      • Bob Langevin, Director

Contact information for the Board of Directors can be found on the Evergreen website:

Respectfully submitted,

Debi Hoefer,
President, Evergreen Property Owners Association Board of Directors