Unauthorized Vehicles on Canal Right of Way

On May 30, 2019, the South Florida Water Management District sent the Board of Directors a Notice of Unauthorized Vehicles on the C-23 Right of Way. We ask that all residents review this notice and comply with the District’s request that residents adhere to the posted “No Unauthorized Motor Vehicles” sign. This prohibition includes golf carts and ATVs.

We request full compliance by all residents. Thank you.

Notice from South Florida Water Management

2018 Property Owner’s Survey

The Committee for Positive Change recently conducted a property owners’ survey to evaluate, among other things, neighborhood and property satisfaction, communication, meeting attendance, covenants compliance. The completed POA survey results are now available for review by all POA members.

We look forward to working with you to make improvements wherever needed. Thank you for your participation.

2018-2019 POA Board and Property Manager

The new President, Officers, and Directors for 2018-2019 are:

  • Glen Hughes – president@nullevergreenpoa.com
  • Joe DePino- vice-president@nullevergreenpoa.com
  • Rhonda Schaefer – secretary@nullevergreenpoa.com
  • Nick Nocito – treasurer@nullevergreenpoa.com
  • Bob Beckmann – director@nullevergreenpoa.com

Much thanks to the 2017 POA board of directors for their service to our community.

Please also note that we have a new property management company:

Signature Property Management:

  • Kelli Burgess – kelli@nullsignaturepropertymgmt.com