80/20 Committee – Survey Results and Next Steps

In late September, a brief interest survey was sent to property owners of Evergreen POA. The summary of the survey results we received is listed below and confirms there is considerable interest in changing the current covenant.  We appreciate that many of you responded to this survey. Many respondents commented that our voting is our voice and not voting is silence.

Beginning in December, the committee will begin its campaign to change the rules with an informational brochure. We are in need of at least fifteen (15) volunteers to serve as “captains”.  These “captains” will communicate with residents, answer questions, and assist in getting all 299 property owners to vote.  If you would like to be a part of this committee and help us move Evergreen Property Owners forward, kindly email Tim Flannery at flanneryte@nullgmail.com.

80/20 Survey Summary
  # % of Total
Yes Response 100 86.96%
No Response 15 13.04%
Total Responses 115 100%
Yes Response Breakdown # % of Total
80% 9 9.00%
75% 11 11.00%
67% 43 43.00%
51% 37 37.00%
Total Yes Responses 100 100