Update on the CWC Staging Area (old tennis courts)

A number of residents have expressed concern about the dirt and debris being stored in the area of the old tennis courts.  David Regan, POA Board President, met with the club to find out more about their plans for cleaning up this area.

The staging area is being utilized for the purpose of storing material from the renovation of the golf course. Once the renovation of holes 1,5,6, & 9 is complete, much of the stored material will be reintroduced back onto the golf course.  One of the first projects will be the construction of a bank to capture golf balls at the back of the driving range which would normally end up in the water.

The rest of the material will be used to create mounds on certain holes which should enhance the individual holes from an aesthetic and architectural perspective. The CWC golf course architect is offering guidance on where to place the mounds.  CWC has also purchased a chipper and it will be put into use shortly.

CWC has advised us that additional course renovation projects will be started around May 2021 and that the old tennis courts will again be utilized as a staging area with the intent of redistributing the material back onto the course.

It’s great that CWC is investing in the course and your patience during the renovation projects is most appreciated.