Notice from Crane Watch Club – COVID-19

We would like to inform you that one of our team members tested positive for COVID 19. In observance of HIPAA rules, we will refer to the team member as TME01. TME01 last worked on July 4th. Starting July 5th TME01 took a one week vacation at a popular vacation spot. TME01 contacted the department head at CWC on July 15th informing the manager that they were exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19. Yesterday TME01 informed the department head that they had tested positive.

In an effort to keep Crane Watch as safe as possible, we contacted the CDC directly for guidance and were told that our facility should not be affected since no other team member has displayed any symptoms to date.

The CDC also confirmed the incubation period is between 2 to 14 days and since we are outside the parameters, there should be no cause for concern.

TME01 will be self-quarantining for another two weeks, but cannot come back to work until further tests are taken after the quarantine period, to ensure complete safety.

Furthermore, we procured several Ultraviolet C devices, which are set up around the building to eradicate germs, bacteria, etc. The ultraviolet C devices are activated on a daily basis at the conclusion of business for 40 minutes. Ultraviolet C devices are utilized in hospital settings for the reasons mentioned earlier.