Dear Evergreen Homeowners:

 The Annual Budget approval/Annual Membership Meeting is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. this Thursday, March 19, 2020, at Crane Watch Golf Clubhouse. We are all very sensitive to the current COVID-19 virus and the need to practice good health, safety and social distancing. The Board of Directors is encouraging all owners to utilize the  PROXY  that was sent to you in the ANNUAL meeting mailing packet earlier this month. If you have not already done so consider faxing to Signature Property Mgmt. at (772) 219-4474 or drop off at the guardhouse.  This request is being made after careful consideration and consultation with our Attorney Deborah Ross.  Use the proxy rather than attending in person.   If a quorum is achieved,  it will serve to seat the new board members (which were unopposed)  for 2020-2021 and to approve the Annual Budget for 2020-2021. No other business will be conducted at this membership meeting.  Hopefully, everyone understands.

The HOTWIRE company has postponed the presentation and refreshments/food that was to be provided by Hotwire. A new date will be set up as soon as that can safely take place. Hotwire will be making arrangements over the next several days to have all handouts/material that would have been part of the presentation, reach all homeowners.

The Signature Property Manager and team will place a box outside the clubhouse interior doors at 2:00 pm on Thursday. This will allow any last-minute drop-offs of your proxy and/or the HOTWIRE CONSENT FORM.

Thank you to everyone for your consideration and cooperation.

Evergreen POA Board of Directors