Hydrants and Culverts Update

The County water hydrant vote is still progressing.  At last count, there were 133 in favor and 135 against.  However, one resident has indicated they are changing their vote from no to yes which will place the vote count at even 134 in favor and 134 against.  The County has also indicated that they will be taking votes all the way up to the County Commission meeting.  In addition, the Water Committee has their first scheduled meeting for Wednesday, June 15th to review and list questions for the County. Once the list of questions is determined by the committee, a meeting with the County will be set up to review and resolve these questions.  This committee is headed by Lucy Fyfe as this vote falls under the Road, Drainage and Hydrant Committee and this committee will determine the actions for the Board to review going forward if the vote remains tied.  We will keep you posted.

The remaining Culvert replacement plan is taking place.  Selective Land Clearing will be in the neighborhood replacing old and damaged Culverts with aluminum Culverts and this will complete the Culvert replacement plan.  The new Culverts are currently rated at a 100-year life span.

Finally, once the across-the-road culverts have all been replaced, the Road, Drainage and Hydrant Committee will begin to assess the road resurfacing needs as it relates to the water hydrants etc. and the timing of road resurfacing.