Safety Reminders

Dear Residents,

With summer officially here and school wrapping up for summer break The Evergreen Board of Directors would like to send out this message to all residents as safety for everyone in the community is our greatest concern.

Residents, please adhere to the speed limits posted, we are getting better as community however, there are still reports of speeding within the community. Evergreen roads are private, they cannot be policed. We as a community have to vigilant to adhere to speed limit and stop signs. Vehicles violating or driving erratically please contact Evergreen security at (772) 286-2114.

Please be on the watch for fellow residents walking, biking, scootering, walking their pets, and any activities near the road. There is zero reason to rush as we want all residents to enjoy the outdoors.

Families, continue to have conversations about the safety, rules of the road, and activities in your yard. Please have conversations about activities near the road and the meaning of private property. This is more important going into the summer months and increased activity on the roads. We will continue to have conversations with the gate house and Crane Watch with non-residents and vendors coming into Evergreen.

Residents, if you notice individual(s) trespassing on your property please call Evergreen Security and Martin County Sheriff’s office immediately. Martin County Sheriff office can be reached at: 772-220-7000 or After Hours: 772-220-7170, Residents can also visit their website for any concerns by clicking here: Martin County Sheriff’s Office, FL | Official Website (

With regards to golf carts, Residents please have family conversations about the safety with golf carts. There are current rules on golf carts use on the front page of the POA website,

If you decide to go out and stretch your legs and/or exercise, please follow the rules of the road. We understand that our roads are narrow and slant slightly downward. We ask that pedestrians must walk against the direction of traffic so you can see oncoming vehicles.

With regards to pets, we have received a couple messages about pets being off leash. Evergreen does state in bylaws that all pets MUST be on a leash. We have received reports of pets chasing residents either walking or riding their golf carts. Our furry family members are just as important as our residents. For safety concerns of the community please keep an eye on your pets are all times. Any concerns please reach out to Evergreen Security.

Finally, Crane Watch is a private property. Evergreen Residents are NOT allowed on golf course at any time after hours. Please do not walk pets, ride any vehicles on any part of their property, or fish at any time.  If you see any resident(s) not following those rules, please report to security immediately. This was asked by Crane Watch for the Board to mention to residents.

G-Force Security can by reach by phone: Phone: (772) 286-2114 or you can email them:

Have an amazing Holiday weekend!

Kind Regards,

Evergreen Board of Directors