Email from Tom O’Malley Regarding the Golf Club

Please see the email below received from Tom O’Malley as per the Evergreen POA Board of Directors:

Dear Evergreen Residents,

Most of you know that the Evergreen Golf Course was purchased by Mr. Colin Dunwoody on December 6th. Mr. Dunwoody and his wife are experienced golf club operators and bring to the club the background necessary to make it a success. The Dunwoody’s indicated to me that they intend to invest to upgrade both the course and the clubhouse. I think the real estate values within the community will benefit from their investments and the continued operation of the club. The club’s success and longevity is quite dependent on having strong support from the Evergreen residents. I want to urge all of you to offer some support to the Dunwoody’s. We had other bidders for the course and indeed we had one who was willing to pay a higher price. We chose to accept the Dunwoody’s proposal given their background and commitment. The community now has extraordinary owners and with your support I believe your community will benefit on a long term basis.

I want to thank those who did support the club during my brief ownership and wish everybody a very happy and safe holiday period.

Kindest regards,

Tom O’Malley